Construction Products

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Diversakore developed an advanced composite structural system that utilizes both steel and concrete. The system allows for much faster erection of structures because it relies on an interlocking system of beams, columns and floor pans. In addition, Diversakore structural systems allow more usable space while reducing weight, waste, labor, time, and of course, cost.

Diversakore was pivoting on its approach to market and changing its focus to cover a broader range of services – a more turnkey approach for its clients. And that would also require a new approach to sales and marketing. Diversakore asked FMG to create a new brand position, logos, and identity system. In addition, we created an all new sales collateral system, sales sheets and brochures, and Website.

We first approached repositioning. How could we best present Diversakore as a full service commercial construction player versus a products company? Through a series of focus groups and work sessions with partners, clients, and management, we developed the new positioning centered around a conceptual tagline that the Diversakore had used intermittently in older sales materials: Speed. Strength. Fit.

Speed: Diversakore Structural System can be assembled much more quickly, and safely, once materials are onsite. Each component is custom fabricated to fit building specifications. Often, when using the Diversakore Structural System, the structural phase of construction is finished in a fraction of the time required for steel beams or concrete. Accelerating construction reduces cost.

Strength: The Diversakore System delivers the strength of steel while weighing less that 40% of concrete construction. Diversakore steel components (beams, columns, and floor pans) are hollow – once they are installed and in-place, they are filled with concrete mix.

Fit: The system is very versatile, excellent for most building and structure types: from skyscrapers to hospitals, and parking decks. Because the product itself is low profile, it reduces floor to ceiling profiles allowing more usable space in buildings.

FMG created an in-depth Website that features information targeted to a broad set of Diversakore client segments. Each group will have content and calls-to-action that appeal to their information needs.