Way, way back at the start of one crazy year, 2020, Cobb Travel launched a major event that celebrated the vibrant craft brewing culture in Cobb County. Taking place at many craft beverage maker’s locations across the County, Bubbles and Brews invited participants to visit, vote and get a chance to win prizes. And the event scooted in just before all of us had to lock down and avoid events for a while.

Bubbles & Brews came back strong in 2021, and once again saw great participation and high fives from all of the beverage makers that enjoyed the excitement and community spirit that followed.

Cobb Travel asked us to help design the event itself; meeting with craft beverage makers across the County to review plans, discuss how to have a successful event, and define a truly unique event. We defined a way to ensure that the crowds would show at all of the locations through gamification. We created scorecards that would be stamped at each location with customized B&B stamps. Once a participant filled their card, they could turn it in for custom B&B swag and a chance to win a grand prize.

We created a myriad of tactics, swag, branded clothing, custom cornhole boards, coasters, glasses and environmental graphics for the participating beverage makers. The event garneree much praise has been added to the regularly recurring action-packed annual events that happen in Cobb County – Atlanta’s Sweet Spot.